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Volsun as the pioneer manufacture of cold shrink tube in China, recently we design a new cold shrink tube for customer, it is the smallest cold shrink tube in the world at present. 

The diameter is 13mm, after shrink only 4mm. It is a big break throught in cold shrink tube manufacturing.

Please see the picture shows. It is really amazing! 

Technical innovation is our sustainable competitive advantage. Quality is our culture. 

Contact us, if you have any new requirments on cold shrink tube, we will help you realize your need and let you have edge over your competitors.

Cold shrink tube, small tube but with big function,sealing, waterproof,insulation,connecte with a wonderful world!

More details please feel free to contact our sales team via:

Alice Liu
MP/WhatsAPP/WeChat/Skype: +86 15862465779

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