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Volsun, as a professional manufacturer of cold shrink tube, the mastic build-in cold shrink tube is also one of main products. 

Regarding to this mastic cold shrink tube, it is a new type of base station waterproof product with mastic added at both ends of high-quality cold shrinkable tube.
And under the effect of permanent radial pressure of tubing to form a tight structure between tubing and cable.

It is very suitable for small space and dense joint operation and is the most ideal, mature and reliable waterproof solution at present.
The cold shrinkable tube with build-in mastic has better sealing performance than ordinary cold shrinkable tube also has a more wider usage range.

You can see its structure as follows:

The mastic cold shrink tube will be suitable for:
1.RRU (outdoor equipment) connector
2. Antenna connector
3. Feeder pairs
4. Indoor system connector

For more details of cold shrink tube, please feel free to contact our sales team via:   

Alice Liu
Mp/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 15862465779

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