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Silicone rubber cold shrink tube is made of special silicone rubber material, which has the advantages of large shrinkage ratio, excellent physical and mechanical properties, and stabbing resistance. It is suitable for waterproof and moisture-proof sealing of communication and cable TV connection joints, insulation sealing of wire and cable connection and insulation protection of other types of connector, etc. It is ideal sealing product for communication base station infrastructure.

As we all know, there are different types of connector and cable, so how do we choose suitable size of cold shrink tube ?
Volsun as a leader manufacturer of cold shrink tube, has specialized in the R & D of cold shrink tube in China for over 14 years. There are mainly 3 different type of connector for telecom base station: DIN7/16 connector, 4.3-10 connector and N type connector.

Based on different cable size, we recommend the suitable size of cold shrink tube as follows:

Connector and Cable type

The size of connector and cold shrink tube

If the size of your connector and cable is special, we can also provide suitable solutions accordingly. Please feel free to contact us for more details via

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