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Our technical team proposed a new sealing and waterproof solution recently, which is especially suitable for the waterproof sealing of the flat antenna or the inverted antenna.
It is the dual wall heat shrinkable tube + cold shrinkable tube. 

The dual wall heat shrink tube is also one of our products, made of radiation cross-linked polyolefin material and hot melt adhesive, the outer polyolefin insulation, flame retardant,
physical and chemical electrical properties are excellent, the inner hot melt adhesive can buffer mechanical strain and strong sealing. The main functions are insulation, sealing,
waterproof, anticorrosion, leakage prevention, etc. ,  widely used in all kinds of wire harness, wire and cable insulation sealing, waterproof and anticorrosion and other fields.

Silicone cold shrink tube is our typical product, has excellent properties like UV resistance, electrical performance, seal waterproof, etc.

When you adopt this solution—dual wall heat shrink tube + cold shrink tube, you need to seal the connector and coaxial cable joint with dual wall tube first, then use silicone
cold shrink tube to seal and protect the outside. This solution can reach a better sealing effect.

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