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We designed a special size silicone rubber cold shrink tube for one customer. This cold shrink has an unusual wall thickness, it is 5.3mm! Even though the production process is difficult, we make it finally. Thanks for our professional engineer and production team so much!

This special thickness silicone cold shrink tube will be used for seal insulation production of an overhead line joint connection. Based on the customer’s actual needs, we produced 2 free samples for their testing on site first. Fortunately, as what we expected, we received a positive feedback after the customer finished the testing, I believe the official order will come soon!

Also, we produced regular wall thickness silicone cold shrink tube for some well-known enterprises in telecommunication industry, offered a suitable, sealing, waterproof solution.
Our silicone cold shrink tube mostly be used for waterproof sealing insulation purpose of cables, connectors, joints in telecom industry or electric power industry. We also have full set of testing report from SGS which including IP68 waterproof grade, UV resistance, Ozone Aging resistance, etc. Quality is guaranteed. We have a modern quality management system, which has passed a series of quality system certification such as IATF16949, ISO9001. Up to now, Volsun have cooperated with customers from 88 countries and areas.
If you need some special sizes or design of cold shrink tube, welcome to contact us to know more details.


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