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Silicone rubber cold shrink tube is one of our main products, which made of special purpose silicone rubber with a high shrink ratio and excellent physical and mechanical properties like slab and prick resistance. It reliably seals electrical connections of electric communications and cable televisions against water and moisture and effectively insulates wire and cable connections or joints and other electrical connections etc. Volsun VS series cold shrink tube is an ideal solution for communication base station waterproof and sealing.


The features and advantages of silicone cold shrink are as follows:
● Continuous operating temperature: -60°C ~+200°C
● Shrink ratio: 5:1. Suits for an extensive range of cables/connectors sizes
● Retains its resiliency and pressure even after prolonged years of ageing and exposure, seals tight against moisture and water
● Simple installation, requires no special heating tools , and adhesive to seal the connections
● Simple, safe installation requires no tools or special training. No torches or heat work required.
● Sealing class IP68

This kind of silicone cold shrink tube have excellent waterproof sealing performance, can up to IP68, which tested by the third party SGS.

We also have a full set of complete test report of performance for our cold shrink tube except waterproof sealing, we will send you other related test reports if need.

Welcome to contact us via should you have any other questions about cold shrink tube and insulation protection solutions.

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