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Aramid fiber 1414 lashing rope is one of our main products, it is composed of poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) fiber which is light,smooth surface, strong and tough mechanical properties, excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent dielectric properties. It is used in high-performance structural parts of aviation, aerospace, high-speed trains and automobiles, rail transit, nuclear power, hydropower and power grid engineering, high-end insulation materials for large motors and transformers.

The advantages of this banding rope are as follows:
  • Temperature Resistance Grade: C
  • Color: Light yellow
  • Operating Temperature: : -40℃~+200℃
  • Light, high strength, excellent aging resistance
  • No decompose and melt at high temperature. Alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance
Technical Performance
Item Technical Performance Test Standard
Appearance No burr, No yarn fall off Visual
Oxygen Index 29% /
Breaking Strength ≥600N(Φ1.0mm) GB/T 8834-2016
Elongation at break ≤10% GB/T 8834-2016
High temperature resistance No melting and no coking by visual inspection FZ/T 63045-2018 (204±5℃,5min)



Diameter(mm) Tolerance(mm) Package length(m)
1.0 ±0.2 1000
1.3 ±0.2 1000

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