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How well do you know about Self fusing silicone tape?

As we all know, the power industry is a special industry. Power generation, substation, power transmission lines and various electrical equipment all need insulation protection to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. In recent years, the power industry has faced the challenges of quality improvement, economic operation, reliability and high service life, which has prompted us to continuously innovate and upgrade the application of insulation materials. Today, let's take a look at this little helper in the power industry--- silicone rubber self-fusing tape .

Silicone rubber self fusing tape is widely used due to its outstanding insulation protection effect and ease of use. It has now become the most popular insulation protection product for our customers in the power industry.
Self fusing silicone rubber tape is a high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber insulating tape. It has excellent insulation and heat resistance, with insulation grade reaching H grade and insulation temperature resistance of 180°C. It has many excellent properties such as anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, and anti-aging, and can provide reliable safety protection for various working environments. When using it, just peel off the isolation film, stretch the tape appropriately, and wrap half of the tape around the wrapped object. No heating or special tools are required, which is convenient and quick. The product can be wrapped into any shape and is suitable for wrapping various electrical cable joints and intermediate joints.

Self fusing silicone tape has stronger adhesion than traditional electrical tape. It can produce strong self-adhesion in a short time after wrapping, and the contact surface will be integrated after wrapping, which can play a role of sealing and waterproofing. And its adhesive force only acts on the tape itself, will not contaminate the covering substrate itself, will not adhere to the wrapped object, and will not leave sticky residue after peeling, which can greatly facilitate subsequent maintenance work. And self-adhesive tape has a variety of different colors, which can help you distinguish the wrapped objects. In addition, we also have flame retardant and non-flame retardant types to choose from.

Volsun silicone rubber self fusing tape products are made of high-quality silicone rubber and other raw materials. With its excellent performance in performance, quality, service and other aspects in industry applications, it has won high recognition from customers!
The above is a brief introduction to silicone self-fusing tape. If you want to have a deeper understanding of this product, want to know how to use it, how it works, whether it is suitable for you, whether it is harmful to the human body, whether it supports customization, etc., please contact us and we will answer you one by one. Looking forward to our cooperation!

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